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Canny Collar

Canny Collar Information Guide

How does the Canny Collar work?

The Canny Collar works by a simple ?pressure and release? system. It is made up of a conventional collar with a slip line which fits over your dogs nose. It is not a ?head collar? but simply a collar that gives you complete control over who walks who!

When your dog pulls on the lead, gentle pressure is applied to the bridge of his nose. As soon as he stops pulling, the pressure is released. Your dog quickly learns that by walking at your side, both of you can enjoy your walk without either of you choking or panting.

Why is it different?

Unlike other devices designed to prevent dogs from pulling, the Canny Collar does not jerk the head sideways, which can cause injury to your dog?s neck. As it operates from both sides of your dog?s head, gentle pressure is all that is needed for the collar to work. It is kind, safe and effective.

It is a simple collar rather than a ?head collar? and looks unobtrusive. It won?t ride up into your dogs eyes due to a poor fit. The range of sizes ensures that there is a Canny Collar just the right size for your dog.

Because the Canny Collar fastens behind your dog?s head, this means he cannot paw it off his face or become tangled in the lead. Although some dogs may resist at first, trials have shown that dogs accept the Canny Collar comparatively quickly and easily.

Gain complete control quickly and easily & experience the Canny Collar for yourself!

Fitting a Canny Collar

Fasten the collar, ensuring the buckle is positioned at the back of your dogs neck.
A snug fit is essential to ensure it cannot come off.

Attach the lead to both ?D? rings at each end of the thin slip line behind your dogs head. Pull the slip line through the small plastic guider at the front of the collar. Put the slip line over your dog?s snout?

?leaving the plastic guider under his chin.
It may be easier to do this before attaching the lead.

When your dog stops pulling, relax the lead.

How to use a Canny Collar :

Pulling: When your dog pulls on the lead, apply gentle pressure by tightening the lead. Instant release of the pressure occurs when he stops pulling. This is how the Canny Collar works as your dog trains himself to stop pulling.

Choking and panting: Will simply not occur with the Canny Collar as pressure is only felt around the nose and mouth. The Canny Collar also prevents any sideways jerking on the neck as the lead is connected behind behind your dog's head.

Barking: If your dog barks, simply apply gentle pressure on the lead. When he stops, release the pressure. This action instantly rewards your dog for his good behaviour.

General Usage Tips: Gentle pressure only is required when using the Canny Collar. There is no need for harsh jerking or pulling.

The first time you put the slip line over your dog?s nose he may resist it and try to paw it off his face. You must continue to walk and lift his head by raising your lead so that he cannot paw his face. Instantly release the pressure by lowering your lead when he stops resisting. Repeat this action if he tries again to remove it. Because the lead is connected behind his head, your dog will find it impossible to paw the Canny Collar off.

Once the initial resistance has stopped, release all pressure. Keep walking while giving vocal praise. Stop and praise him.

The Canny Collar must be taken off when your dog is running free indoors or outside. It must not be left on and used as a conventional collar

Which Canny Collar Fits My Dog?

Below is a guide to the best Canny Collar for your dog.

The Canny Collar must fit snugly. For some breeds you may need to choose a size down for bitches/smaller dogs or a size up for larger dogs.

Canny Collar 1 : Suitable breed examples: King Charles Cavalier.
Canny Collar 2: Suitable breed examples: Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Westie & Whippet.
Canny Collar 3: Suitable breed examples: Beagle, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Doberman & Springer Spaniel.
Canny Collar 4: Suitable breed examples: Airedale, Bearded Collie, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, Labrador Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback & Staffy.
Canny Collar 5: Suitable breed examples: Boxer, Bullmastiff, Golden Retriever & Rottweiler.
Canny Collar 6: Suitable breed examples: Akita, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound & Neapolitan Mastiff.