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Barrier's Formula Hoof & Hair - Equine Supplement

Barrier's Formula Hoof & Hair - Equine Supplement

A highly effective and appetising feed supplement designed to target the critical nutrients required to help improve, strengthen and encourage new healthy, supple horn growth from within.

Why Should I Include Barrier's Formula Hoof & Hair Supplement In My Horse's Diet?: We are all aware of the saying 'No foot, No horse.' Bad feet really are a nightmare for any horse owner and until faced with the problem you can't fully appreciate the effects that it has on all equestrian sports.
Good feet are vital to success and whether you ride for pleasure or participate in more demanding equine pursuits, it is essential to keep your horses feet in tip-top condition. There are of cause many factors to be taken into consideration, which can affect the structure and quality of the hooves, such as the practice of good stable management, the general well-being of the horse, poor conformation, extra demands and concussion on the legs, due to riding on hard surfaces or just riding for longer periods of time.
Shoe retention, cracked, split and brittle hooves can reflect poor horn quality, body condition and should be an indication to take a closer look at the nutritional state of your horse to pinpoint any feed deficiency.
Some may argue that if a horse is on a balanced diet there is no need to supplement it with extra nutrients. However, horses are very individual and have varying requirements depending on their make-up and the demands that we ask of them. It is vital to ensure that your horse is receiving the correct diet containing a balanced profile of all the critical nutrients required to help maintain and promote good healthy skin, coat and hoof condition.
Regular trimming and shoeing by a good farrier is also extremely important. A good farrier may be able to keep the feet in fine fettle, stabilize cracks and even help to correct some minor confirmation defects, over a period of time, but all of these need to be supported with a well balanced diet to target specific requirements and the critical nutrients to help improve, strengthen and encourage new healthy, supple horn growth.

Balanced profile of critical nutrients: Barrier's Formula Hoof & Hair, is a well balanced profile of all the critical nutrients required to help promote and maintain healthy skin, coat and hoof condition. Excellent levels of Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Sulphur & Methionine for keratin formation.

Palatable: A concentrated daily multi-functional supplement with the added benefits of Garlic, Fenugreek and Ginger, high in antioxidants to aid digestion, circulation, cleanse the blood and improve palatability.

In pellet form: Easy to feed all year round. In pellet form for palatability and ease of feeding on it's own or mixed with other feed.

Manufacturing process: Blended to ensure no loss of effectiveness during the manufacturing process.

New heathy, supple horn: Growing new healthy, supple horn is a lengthy process and can take 7 to 8 weeks before seeing any signs of new growth appearing from the coronary band and several months to grow a completely new horn.

Biotin: A key vitamin in the maintenance of healthy hooves and skin. Whilst present in many feed raw materials is often unavailable to the horse. Barrier?s Formula Hoof & Hair uses a highly available source to ensure adequate supply of this essential nutrient.

Zinc: Zinc is a key component in the maintenance of skin, coat and hoof condition. Provided in organic form zinc helps the efficiency of uptake by the horse. Proper levels of trace minerals are essential for the general well-being and performance of the horse.

Methionine: Methionine is a sulphur containing amino acid and has a very important function in keratin formation, the fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair and hooves.

Lysine: Lysine is an amino acid not produced by the body, but is essential to the growth of protein molecules. It aids calcium absorption and maintains a proper nitrogen balance and is necessary for proper growth and bone development. It also helps in producing antibodies, hormones, and enzymes, and helps in collagen formation (the main structural protein found in animal connective tissue) and tissue repair. A lack of lysine or any other of the eight essential amino acids, the body cannot build protein to sustain muscle tissue and can result in retarded growth.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Essential for the workings of certain enzymes in the body. Important for growth and central to the metabolism of protein.

Sulphur & Amino Acids: The vital building blocks for the production of keratin and collagen necessary for good healthy hooves and coat. Sulphur and the essential amino acids lysine and methionine are provided in a balanced profile for hoof and hair growth.

Lecithin: The natural way to help animals utilise oil, thus promoting and maintaining good coat condition.

Calcium: Essential in the maintenance and promotion of good strong bones as well as helping the gut to absorb all other nutrients.

Garlic, Ginger & Fenugreek: Barrier?s Formula Hoof & Hair has the added benefits of Garlic, Ginger & Fenugreek used as a natural defence against bacteria, aid digestion, circulation, cleanse the blood and improve palatability.

Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal: Palatable and rich in natural antioxidants. Alfalfa is a rich source of highly digestible fibre, which is essential for the healthy and efficient functioning of the horse?s gut. Its rich source of bio-available calcium and micronutrients to help encourage new healthy horn growth.

Size: 5kg bucket. One 5kg bucket provides an average sized horse (1200lbs) with one months supply.