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Barrier Natural Flea & Parasite Powder

Natural Flea & Parasite Powder (For all Pets)

Natural Flea & Parasite Powder has been designed especially for Dogs and Cats. It effectively repels parasites for up to six weeks. Kind to the animal, the user and the environment.

Directions for use: Just sprinkle a small amount of the Natural Flea & Lice Powder around the neck, along the back and behind the elbows. Brush or work into the coat. For heavy infestation ensure that bedding and carpets are treated seperately.

Fleas: Canine and Feline fleas are different but infestation can cause immense irritation . Raw and sore areas soon develop and your pet can quickly lose condition. Natural Flea and Parasite Powder is a must for all animal lovers.

Mites: Natural Flea & Parasite Powder is very effective against mite. In cats they live on the fur or in the ears, skin can become flaky and scaly. In dogs thier are three types of mite. All are contagious and soon your pet will scratch themselves raw.

Pets: Natural Flea & Parasite Powder has been designed especially for Dogs and Cats. It is suitable for other small pets such as Chickens, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Safety Data: As with all our products our Flea & Parasite Powder is made using only plant derived non-toxic active ingredients harvested from sustainable resources. Our effective but safer approach is kind to the animals, the pet-owners and the environment.

Staying Power: Natural Flea & Parasite Powder contains slow release minute granules that last for up to six weeks after application.It effectively repels fleas, mites, lice and all other parasites and can be applied safely and directly to the animal.

Sterilisable Maize: Barrier Animal Healthcare is the only company to use Sterilisable Maize Powder as a carrier for Flea & Lice Powder. Unlike other carriers, it will not metabolise via cuts, abrasions, scabs, grazes and dry flaky skin areas and form granulomas.

Ticks: Ticks tend to be a country problem, where infestations seem to be more of a problem in rough grazing, woodland areas. Ticks have a very complicated life-cycle and so are quite difficult to get rid of. Adult female ticks lay groups of eggs, which hatch to form a colony of young ticks. These attach themselves to grass stems where they wait for a host to walk by. Ticks gorge themselves on the blood of their host and takes on the appearance of a wart on the skin. Never be tempted to pick them off, as this can be very painful and often the head will remain in the host. Spray them with 'Flea & Tick Spray' from our Pet Care Range or 'Parasite Repel' from our Equine range.

Uses: Natural Flea & Parasite Powder can be applied directly to animals including kittens and puppies over seven days old.

Available Pack Sizes : Readily available in a 125g shaker.